You Are Not Yer Thoughts!

You Are Not Your Thoughts.

This sentence changed a lot for me when I was exploring consciousness. All that jumble in your head? isn't you. It is a brain that is allowing itself to over-think, over-attach to our separatist 'self' and have smaller perspective than what we truly are.

It's easy to make those thoughts in your head feel like it is your reality, your life. The brain is like a needs training. It needs re-moulding and it needs discipline, especially in our modern society. One of the first things that can help is knowing that we are not these feral thoughts.

You are, actually, your actions. You are your life's work. You are a soul in the universe and your life is based on your input to the collective. Big or small, it can ALL make a difference. I say big or small because I'm pretty sure most of us have been led to believe to have purpose and have input, you need to think BIG and "make something of yourself". This usually comes in forms of thinking you need higher status or to 'show the world what you are made of'. This is a great incentive to feed a growing, curious mind. It can also be detrimental however. If we don't reason with these constant 'striving' thoughts...telling them that you are enough already. That even small things can have huge positive consequences. Even if that means taking a shower in the morning. Tackling 1 or 2 things on the to-do list that have been niggling away at the worry centre of our minds. It doesn't need to be loud, proud, constant achieving announcements.

Silence and quiet, productive, positive input can be huge.

Concentrating on the input we have to the collective, ironically, can have the affect of taking us away from our self-attaching thought habits and naturally we broaden our perspectives doing so. You weigh things up against other observations. You stop your mind from being idol, bored. You stop looking for the voids to fill. You expand your circles, skills, knowledge and human connection. You see how others might live and you realise the many things in life to be grateful for. This in turn, helps us become aware of the thoughts that no longer serve us or we have outgrown. Your brain no longer needs those patterns and it's stored in a 'keepsake' department, eventually let go when it is no longer in use. Your idol mind lost it's idol. So those old thoughts are way back in the target list.

Don't be a untrained thought in an idol or indoctrinated head, attaching to thoughts centred around...

"but I"

"I want"

"I need"

"I deserve"

"they should"

"they didn't"

"they made me feel"

"they made me..."

.... even thoughts of insecurity, we are led to believe needs more SELFISH work.

Actually, needs less EGO and less SELF to build confidence and rid ourselves of the ego disease. It doesn't mean less SELF-CARE, it just needs a closer inspection of what SELF-CARE activities actually benefit us and detach us from a constant clutching mind.

Otherwise, we get too focused on it all being about US. We see lack in life, rather than gain.

We can get a sense of needing grandeur or feeling the need to feel superior/doing better than others/having more than others/looking better than others, needing to feel valid too.

You can also be guilty of this when you feel hard done by. Feel like you give but receive little in return. Good acknowledgement if so...but many don't consider the other side of why others can't give what we expect. There can be a danger of feeling you have a perspective-changing moment (which is good) but the action you choose is "STUFF THEM!!! THEY don't appreciate ME so I will do what I WANT and carry this attitude around to solve my life problems. Fire will just meet more Fire.

They are mostly all thoughts of an inner child who believed they need to feel special, important and achieving, in order to feel whole.

Our institutions from an early age taught us we should 'be something' and that we could be 'special'. STUFF THOSE THOUGHTS! You can be happy with little. Special isn't what status you are, what looks good on paper or what job title you can put on your social media. Entrepreneur? "I'm doing something special and bigger and better than others" is the label that springs to mind. Do you really want to separate yourself? We are all one. Go, be your soul in an abundant, infinite universe. You are not your thoughts. You are your actions, words, contribution to your community (however small or broad). Once you concentrate on these actions? Watch it grow. Watch your thoughts change.

Saff X

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